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Submission Opportunities for Women in Theatre

(previously known as Theatre Funding Newsletter)


##Opportunities for selected populations.

**Opportunities for women only.

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Project Submissions
Script Submissions
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Special Opportunity

New Play Development Series
Guidelines for Playwright Submissions:

The purpose of Athena Reads is to discover and develop new works that express storytelling in an unconventional way that challenges both the artist as well as the audience to think outside of the box. There is no restriction on content: plays may explore any aspect of the human condition.

Please note that at this time we are only considering full length, contemporary plays with a limited cast of characters (2-8) and a unit set. We prefer plays that are thematically relevant to current times. We seek action-driven pieces that do not rely on overt exposition. We encourage works that welcome open ethnicity casting.

Athena Reads was established to explore and encourage the advancement of original work for the stage. Only works yet to have an official NYC or World Premiere should be submitted.

The play reading series consists of a private table read with actors who have not been rehearsed. There is no audience outside of the playwright and any guests they may invite. Following the reading, there is a discussion amongst the participants and the playwright about elements of the piece that resonated with them and questions that may have arisen. A copy of the principal comments is sent to the playwright following the reading.

From the play reading series, we select pieces we feel are both ready for further development and are in line with our mission. These plays then progress into a staged reading, a workshop production and/or potentially a full production. Please check back to view our staged reading and production schedule.

Please submit all information with your application. Contingent upon the volume of submissions we have, we will contact you within a few months to inform you if we are interested in proceeding to a table reading of your play.

E-mail to: Veronique@AthenaTheatre.com

-Subject line: [play title] play reading submission

Please include the following in ONE SINGLE PDF.

-a brief cover letter stating how you think your play fits our mission statement as well as how it relates to our past productions

-one-two sentence blurb about the play

-a one page summary

-character breakdown (Please include age, gender, ethnicity and any defining characteristics)

-your full-length play

submission fee confirmation ($12)

The submission fee is waived for #StageOpps subscribers. Don’t forget to email specialoppscode@gmail.com to get the special code for this month’s Special Opportunity!

Project Submissions 

The Brady Fellow, Salon Series

Are you a Bay Area woman theatre-maker over 40? Are you an accomplished emerging playwright whose development opportunities have been frustrated because “emerging” so often translates to “twenty-something” in the eyes of theater producers? If so, 3GirlsTheatre invites you to apply to be a Brady Fellow through our core development program, the Salon Reading Series. The Brady Fellow Program offers artistic support, commitment and community to women theatre-makers in their prime who share our passion for bringing stories told by women to the stage.

  • When/Where: 2019 in San Francisco, CA

  • Deadline: April 30, 2019

  • Application Fee: Free

  • Eligibility: Are a woman

  • Over 40

  • Based full-time in the San Francisco Bay Area

  • Have had at least one, but no more than three, of your plays produced in a professional production

  • Categories: New Works

  • Address: N/A

  • Contact: maddie@3girlstheatre.org

  • Submission Information

Pittsburgh New Works Festival

The Pittsburgh New Works Festival (PNWF) is now accepting one-act plays that have never before been produced. Twelve one-act plays will be selected to be performed as Mainstage productions for the festival’s 29th season, which begins in September; an additional six will be selected for our LabWorks staged reading series, to be performed the last two Sundays of August.

  • When/Where: August 18 and 25, 2019 in Pittsburgh, PA

  • Deadline: April 5, 2019

  • Application Fee: $15

  • Eligibility: Plays previously submitted to the Festival may be resubmitted; plays reworked based on commentary received in previous years are particularly encouraged.

  • Additional criteria for play submission include:

    • No less than 15 minutes long

    • No more than 45 minutes long

    • Limited number of scenes and simple scene changes

    • No more than eight actors

    • No musicals

    • Simple sets, costumes, and props

    • Plays may have been “read,” but never produced (workshops and readings are acceptable)

    • Playwrights are limited to one submission each year

  • Categories: New Works

  • Address: Pittsburgh New Works Festival
    P.O. Box 42419
    Pittsburgh, PA 15203

  • Contact: info@pittsburghnewworks.org

  • Submission Information

Athena Project

Athena Project is proud to announce the call for submissions for its Plays In Progress Series (PIPS). This Series is an opportunity for new plays to be developed in one of three models: concert or table readings and our workshops. Rehearsals and presentation will take place in Denver at a location to be determined over the course of approximately March-April 2020. Three to six new plays will be selected based on a blind submission process and given a dramaturg, director, cast and basic design elements during presentations. Scripts are accepted from March 1 – April 15, 2019.

  • When/Where: 2020 in Denver, CO

  • Deadline: April 15, 2019

  • Application Fee: Free

  • Eligibility:  Only women* playwrights may submit and they may submit only ONE full-length script. Full-length is defined by at least 60 pages in standard playscript format.

  • Previously un-produced plays only. Scripts with prior workshops, readings or academic productions are accepted, but the script should be revised for the playwright to get the most from this opportunity.

  • Submission must include:

    • a. BLIND script in PDF format – PAGE ONE of PDF script MUST have TITLE, CHARACTER BREAKDOWN & SYNOPSIS of script, 200 word limit (This file will contain NO playwright contact info**)

    • b. Cover letter addressing: 1) what the playwright would like to accomplish working with a director, dramaturg and cast and 2) how she heard about the call for submissions

    • c. Resume

  • Categories: New Plays

  • Address: N/A

  • Contact: LiteraryManager@AthenaProjectArts.org

  • Submission Information


Script Submissions

Cunningham Commission Opportunity

The Cunningham Commission for Youth Theatre was established at The Theatre School to honor the memory of the Rev. Donald Cunningham, a Chicago priest, playwright, and lover of theatre. The Cunningham Commission was established by an endowment gift from the Cunningham family and is presented annually. The purpose of the commission is to encourage the writing of dramatic works for young audiences that affirm the centrality of religion, broadly defined, and the human quest for meaning, truth, and community. The Theatre School intends to produce the plays created through this commission in its award-winning Chicago Playworks for Families and Young Audiences series. Each year, Chicago Playworks produces three productions that are attended by over 30,000 young people and their families.

  • Deadline: April 1, 2019

  • Application Fee: Free

  • Eligibility: The Theatre School at DePaul University is pleased to announce that submissions are now being accepted for the Cunningham Commission for Youth Theatre. Playwrights from the Chicagoland area and alumni of The Theatre School are eligible to apply, and the winner will be announced in June.

  • Categories: New Works

  • Contact: CunninghamCommission@depaul.edu

  • Submission Information

Studio Theatre

Studio Theatre is looking for new plays that explore the contemporary world with style, wit, and passion. We consider new plays for both its Main Series and Studio X. In general, we respond to plays with well-crafted dialogue and command of dramatic action. Our spaces are intimate—excellent for creating powerful encounters between actors and audiences, but not well-suited to multiple realistic sets. Please take a look at our current and past programming to get a fuller sense of the range of our producing interests.

  • Deadline: Ongoing

  • Application Fee: Free

  • Eligibility: We accept submissions from established literary agents or through direct solicitation from our artistic leadership, and program both produced and unproduced plays. We have found that we can best serve writers whose work is a good match for our institution by maintaining relationships with new work development programs, fringe festivals, and educational institutions in the US and abroad rather than accept unsolicited manuscripts.

  • Categories: New Plays

  • Contact: ahansel@studiotheatre.org

  • Submission Information

Panglossian Productions

What are you working on?  What are you excited about?  What would you like to discuss and develop with a creative team?  Bring it on. Panglossian is seeking new full-length plays for our new global/local developmental reading series, Plays in Progress. We work with writers across the globe to develop work locally here in Williamsburg. Selected playwrights will discuss their goals for the script with our staff, attend one or two discussion/rehearsals, and participate in a public reading, which will be streamed online. Writers who are not local may participate virtually over Skype.

  • Deadline: Ongoing

  • Application Fee: Free

  • Eligibility: Playwrights at different stages in their careers who share our sense of daring and passion, and a desire to develop their work in a collaborative, supportive setting. Plays that show muscular language and strong theatricality and that say something universal in a unique way. While we are open to any genre, we would love to receive more comedic full-lengths and smart plays for young audiences.

  • Categories: New Plays

  • Contact: literary@panglossian.org

  • Submission Information


Keegan Theatre's Boiler Room Series - Search for New Plays & Musicals

Keegan Theatre, a professional, non-equity theatre in Washington, DC, is accepting submissions for development during its 2017-2018 Season AND possible inclusion as a full, world premiere production in a future mainstage season. Six pieces will be selected for inclusion in a festival sampling of new works in development at Keegan Theatre. Five pieces will be selected for a workshop process that culminates with a public staged reading. 

  • Deadline: Ongoing

  • Application Fee: Free

  • Eligibility: All submissions must be full length plays or musicals aligned with the theatre's mission of taking audiences to the vital heart of theatre: extraordinary artists in an intimate setting exploring the human condition. Submitted work should not have had any significant development or a full production at another theatre. We're looking for truly NEW works here.

  • Categories: Full length plays and musicals

  • Contact: jsticklin@keegantheatre.com

  • Submission Information


Urban Stages Emerging Playwright Award

Our $500 Emerging Playwright Award (coupled with press coverage) is given to playwrights who show excellence and dedication throughout this process – from development to the stage. Out of hundreds of submissions a year, we select 15-20 plays for readings. From these, we select 1-3 plays annually to go on to our workshopping phase. Our workshops are meant to prepare a play for our Off-Broadway stage. From our workshops, we select 1-2 plays for full productions, complete with a playwright’s contract and compensation (separate from the award).                                      

  • Deadline: Submissions are ongoing.

  • Application Fee: None

  • Eligibility: Plays may have been developed or produced elsewhere, but never produced in New York City. Plays from overseas and throughout the US are accepted and considered, but special attention will be given to playwrights who live in or near New York.

  • Categories: Full Length Plays

  • Contact: (212) 421-1380

  • Submission Information



Asolo Repertory Theatre 2019-20 Season, Singers and Dancers

  • Seeking Equity dancers and singers for various roles in the musicals of upcoming season. Season includes: "The Sound of Music" (Richard Rodgers, music; Oscar Hammerstein, lyrics; Howard Lindsay and Russel Crouse, book; Josh Rhodes, dir. Rehearsals begin Oct. 8; previews begin Nov. 13; closes Dec. 28) and "Hood: A New Musical" (Lewis Flinn, music-lyrics; Douglas Carter Beane, book; Mark Brokaw, dir. Rehearsals begin Mar. 31, 2020; previews begin May 7; closes May 31, 2020).

  • Auditions: April 17-18th, 2019

  • Production Dates: Season rehearses and runs from October 2019-April 2020 in Sarasota, FL.

  • Pay: Pays $941/week min; Equity LORT B Rep Contract.

  • Audition Information


My World

  • Enter the romantic world of Tommy, Lauren and Jason, the three central characters in Bobby Lang’s newest theatrical work - My World. Tommy is a gifted student on the verge of becoming a lawyer. His many years of hard work and personal sacrifice are about to finally pay off. That’s when Tommy’s personal life was rocked by betrayal.

  • Auditions: April 7, 2019

  • Production Dates: Audition will be on April 7 at 10:30am. July 6,2019 is the day of the show.

  • Pay: Yes

  • Audition Information


For more Onstage opportunities, visit Backstage.com; ActorsAccess.com; and Playbill.com.



Shop Manager

RGB Lights (www.rgblights.com) is one of the Midwest’s most innovative lighting houses with an emphasis on LED lighting for the entertainment, event, and architectural markets. RGB Lights also manufactures our own proprietary LED video product, known as FlexiFlex. We are seeking a Shop Manager to lead our warehouse operations team.

  • Position Type: Full Time

  • Eligibility: The Shop Manager’s role is to be a leader on the logistical/operations side of the company (make sh*t happen). This position relies heavily upon a high level of self-motivation and attention to detail, and a constant drive to improve the facility and the process. The Shop Manager is responsible for oversight of shop staff, inventory management, order fulfillment, shipping and receiving, warehousing of equipment, and problem resolution.

  • Application Information

HERE Arts Center General Manager

General Manager will report to the Producing Director and will act as the operating hub of the organization, overseeing financial tracking, analysis and reporting; contracts and negotiations; production for both HERE-produced and HERE-presented work; human resources administration; café management; and facility and IT operations. General Manager will work closely with all departments to ensure smooth and successful procedures are developed and implemented throughout the organization. The successful candidate will oversee a Company Manager/General Management Assistant, as well as various interns throughout the year.

  • Position Type: Full-Time

  • Eligibility: Advanced financial skills, including bookkeeping and budgeting

    * Advanced experience with Quickbooks and Excel

    - A passion for creating new works and for working directly with artists

    - Understanding of the theatrical production process

    - Strong knowledge of union contracting and industry best-practices

    - Strong knowledge of New York and Federal Labor Laws

    - Experience with OvationTix

    - Advanced (Mac) computer knowledge, including basic networking understanding

  • Application Information

Technical Director

A key position at Ensemble Theatre Company, the Technical Director (TD) manages all the Scenic elements related to company productions and events. The TD position should be held by an individual who has extensive understanding of theater drafting, mechanical and electrical engineering, welding and great organizational skills. The TD also acts as Shop Foreman for the scenic shop facility and supervises training and scheduling of all over-hires for all fabrication and installation requirements. The TD requests bids and purchases materials in consultation with the Production Manager, creates construction drawings in consultation with the Scenic Designer, Production Manager, and Director. The TD optimizes scenic department workflow, ensures facilities and equipment are in excellent operating order, and guarantees that material resources are available on a timely basis. The TD works closely with the Scenic Designer and other creatives to make certain that designs are realized in a timely and cost-effective basis. Flexibility and positivity are key.

  • Position Type: Full Time

  • Eligibility: Coordinates with Production Management to assure that each production is installed on time and within budget. • Collaborates closely with Production Manager, Master Electrician, Scenic Artist, Props Master for safe, cost-efficient and timely construction, load-in, and strike of each production. • Monitors other department heads to ensure scheduling of stage time, needs concerning construction, and modifications needed to help any other department. • Coordinates maintenance of scene shop and some theatre facility as required. • Ensures that all shop personnel are trained in the proper use and maintenance of all power tools and mechanics necessary for daily use in the shop. • Oversees the Inventory and maintenance of all stock scenery, soft goods, and saved scenic units. • Ensures inventory of construction materials, hardware, and expendables needed for each production as well as yearly upkeep for the scene shop. • Respond in a timely manner to all e-mails and phone calls requiring technical assistance. • Basic understanding of Lighting, Sound and Projection requirements. • Engineer and develop any mechanical and/or automated scenic elements for ETC stage productions or outside builds as required.

  • Application Information

Props Artisan

Shakespeare and Company, located in Western Massachusetts, is looking for a Props Artisan to join our props shop staff. Our season features 8 shows on four different stages. Shakespeare and Company’s season features 8 shows on four different stages. 

  • Position Type: Contract

  • Eligibility: Ideal applicants will have knowledge of shop tools, paints, sewing, crafts and preferably some carpentry experience. All candidates should be able to lift up to 50 lbs, be comfortable working at heights, and ideally have a valid driver’s license.

  • Application Information


Wardrobe Supervisor

Seeking wardrobe supervisor for Off-Broadway production of a new play called "Imperfect Love" at the Connelly Theater. 2-act show with one intermission. Cast of five actors. Costume designer is Gianni Quaranta.



Funding Opportunities 

SubletSeries@HERE Program

This creative curated rental program has allowed many upstart companies and emerging artists to realize their full artistic vision on a small budget. The program provides subsidized performance and rehearsal space, technical assistance, and administrative support, including a fully staffed box office. SubletSeries@HERE artists can also access equipment that is not typically available in venues our size such as video projectors, wireless microphones, color scrollers—all for free or at subsidized rates. We accept applications from artists all over the world for the opportunity to show work.

  • Deadline: Ongoing

  • Application Fee: Free

  • Eligibility: Independent Artists and Groups

  • Address: HERE 145 Sixth Ave. New York, NY 10013

  • Contact: 212.647.0202

  • Application Information

Annenberg Foundation

The Annenberg Foundation does most of their funding in the arts, culture, and humanities to organizations in the counties of Los Angeles, Orange, Riverside, San Bernadino, and Ventura. The Annenberg Foundation's arts and humanities grants are available to agencies that serve the greater Los Angeles region, typically with budgets over $5 million.

  • Deadline: Ongoing

  • Application Fee: Free

  • Eligibility: Arts, culture, and humanities in greater Los Angeles region

  • Address: 2000 Avenue of the Stars, Suite 1000S
    Los Angeles, CA 9006

  • Contact: info@annenberg.org

  • Application Information



Art Omi

Art Omi hosts international visual artists, writers, musicians, architects and dancers on 300 acres in the Hudson Valley region of New York, amidst a 10-acre contemporary sculpture park, The Fields Sculpture Park.

  • Deadline: Ongoing

  • Application Fee: Free

  • When: Varies

  • Eligibility: Artist Status: Mid-career Artists

  • Application type: Open application

  • Collaboration: May apply as a team

  • Geography: Open to US artists, Open to non-US artists

  • Application deadline: October 31

  • Application Ongoing: No

  • Additional deadline info:

  • Applications are accepted online August 15 - October 31, 2018 for the 2019 Art Omi: Artists residency, and September 20 - October 25, 2018 for the 2019 Art Omi: Architecture residency. Please visit our website for more information.

  • Address: 1405 County Route 22

    Ghent, New York 12075

    United States

  • Contact: info@artomi.org

  • Application Information


ARTErra is a private structure of incentive for artistic creation which aims to facilitate encounters between different artists and aesthetic disciplines. ARTERRA is strongly committed to offering the residents a cheerful and productive stay. Because of that, partnerships have been established with several partners such as the Municipality of Tondela and Lobão da Beira and many others crafters, schools and artists.

  • Deadline: Ongoing

  • Application Fee: Free

  • When: 1 week- 6 months

  • Eligibility: Curriculum Vitae; and Bio, Portfolio, videos, photos , music; Description of the project to be undertaken at ARTERRA, including the project’s objectives, needs and expectations of residence ,work methodologies, and all the details necessary to understand the proposal

  • Address: N/A

  • Contact: arterra.geral@gmail.com

  • Application Information


Artcroft Center for Arts and Humanities

Residencies of an average of 2-8 weeks for visual artists, writers, actors, and performance artists. Residency provides housing, studio, and meals; artist responsible residency fee ($40/day), deposit (10% of residency fee), travel, materials, and local transportation.

  • Deadline: Ongoing

  • Application Fee: $25

  • When: 2-8 weeks

  • Eligibility: Residencies are available to established and emerging visual and literary artists 18 years of age and older without regard for race, gender, sexual orientation, or religion.

  • Address: Artcroft Center for Arts and Humanities, 2075 Johnson Rd., Carlisle, KY 40311

  • Contact: artcroft@msn.com

  • Application Information

Other Resources 

NOTE: For more resources, visit our pages of Resources - Funding, Submissions, and more.

NYFA SOURCE - The New York Foundation for the Arts maintains the most comprehensive national directory of awards, services and publications for artists in the NYFA Source section of their website.









Submission Opportunities for Women in Film & Video

(previously known as Film/Video Funding Newsletter)


##Opportunities for selected populations.

**Opportunities for women only.

For full #ScreenOpps Listings please scroll

or click links below for specific listings

Film Festivals
Other Resources   





Short of the Week

 "Short of the Week is the first ever online film festival built on finding emerging filmmakers making amazing short films, supporting them as they navigate the evolving online landscape, and providing a launchpad to reach success.

We feature new filmmakers every week. With world-class curation and insightful reviews, we elevate their work and deliver them to an audience across the web."

 Submit for 50% off at Film Freeway: https://filmfreeway.com/shortoftheweek

There is a discount of 50% for #ScreenOpps subscribers! Don't forget to email specialoppscode@gmail.com to get the special code for this month's Special Opportunity!


 Film Festivals

Red Rock Film Festival

To encourage the production of media in both the independent and professional market that portray the human race in a positive light, and to applaud original works that redefine media through innovation, creativity and sensitivity that both enlightens and educates audiences from around the world.

  • When/Where: November 6-9, 2019, Festival City, UT

  • Deadline: May 13, 2019 (Early), June 13, 2019 (Regular), July 13 (Late), September 13, 2019 (Extended)

  • Submission Fee: $31-$70

  • Eligibility: All films in Competition must be completed AFTER August 1, 2018.

  • All films that are accepted should submit the exhibition copy by October 15, 2019.

  • A Work in Progress or a completed scene may be submitted for consideration with the application and submission fee.

  • All films in the Red Grid category must be completed after January 1, 2018.

  • All films in the Red Catalog category must be completed after January 1, 2018.

  • Categories: Features and Shorts

  • Contact: freeway@redrockfilmfestival.com

  • Submission Information

Toronto Lift-Off Film Festival

Toronto is the base for independent filmmaking in Canada and is listed as one of the most important cities on the planet for breakthrough artists. From filmmakers to screenwriters the city boasts a thriving opportunity platform for people making content from anywhere in the world.

Amsterdam Lift-Off Film Festival

Amsterdam is one of the worlds oldest cities. It is the most majestic and certainly one of the more intriguing destinations over anywhere in mainland Europe. Our screenings take place in the artistic powerhouse which is LAB 111 - a great center for indie film and the perfect state of the art cinema for your work.

  • When/Where: October 7-12, 2019, Amsterdam, NL

  • Deadline: August 5, 2019

  • Submission Fee: $12-$120

  • Eligibility: The Lift-Off Film Founders will watch your work and provide detailed analysis of where it works, where it doesn't and what needs to be done both to your work and to your skill-set - with the aim of improvement to the required levels of sustaining a professional life within film. This is a vigorous and systematic report - highlighting all of the key areas from Originality / Creativity, Direction, Writing, Cinematography, Performances, Production Value, Pacing, Structure, Sound and Music. This includes the submission fee. Feedback is exclusive to those who pay for it, and fee waivers are not applicable. This includes fee waivers exclusive to Community Gold members; you must pay for feedback in order to receive it.

  • Categories: New Films

  • Address: N/A

  • Contact: amsterdam@lift-off-festival.com

  • Submission Information

Les Femmes Underground Film Festival

The International Les Femmes Underground is a film festival centred on the subversive, unique, and innovative. LEFUFF, showcases artists from all walks of life creating work which redefines the manner in which women are represented in mainstream cinema. Making its debut in 2016, Les Femmes Underground is premiering in Los Angeles as the first ever traveling women’s underground film festival. Les Femmes Underground was created as a response to the decline of feminist icons and role models in the media. As feminists, we believe it is our responsibility to empower new generations of young women to generate work which breaks away from society’s gendered roles. Les Femmes Underground seeks to premier first time under-represented emerging feminist film-makers and artists.

  • When/Where: September 1, 2019, Los Angeles, CA

  • Deadline: February 15, 2019 (Earlybird); May 15, 2019 (Regular); June 15, 2019 (Late); August 3, 2019 (Extended)

  • Submission Fee: $20-$50

  • Eligibility: Films must be produced, directed, edited or written by a woman. Films by men are accepted but they must be about women's social, economical, geographical, political or health issues. LEFUFF reserves the right to determine whether a film qualifies for this exception. All non-English language films must have English subtitles or dubbed in English. First and second time directors encouraged. Productions must be independently produced, with the maker retaining complete editorial control and copyright. Productions must have been completed after January 1, 2011, and must not have been publicly screened in Los Angeles. Selected works can be screened from 16mm or Quicktime file.

  • Categories: Narrative Short, Narrative Feature, Documentary, Animation, Virtual Reality, Experimental Animation, Experimental Short, Experimental Feature, Music Video, Webseries, Student 1 min films, Trailers, Screenplay/Screenwriting, TV Pilot Scripts

  • Contact: lefemmeunderground@gmail.com

  • Submission Information


Almost– Scripted TV

Casting the pilot episode of "Almost," a new series in the vein of "Veronica Mars" and "Big Little Lies." The series is centered around a sorority house at Bar Harbor College in Almost, Maine. Logline: A sorority legacy's life is put in jeopardy when one of her sorority sisters claims she was murdered by their president.

  • Audition: April 2019

  • Shoot Dates/Location: Shoots in L.A. Dates TBD

  • Union: Non-Union

  • Pay: Rate TBD

  • Audition Information


10th Ave.- Scripted TV & Film

Casting for a pilot to be shown on a new network. It is a crime drama about Irish mobsters on the west side of Manhattan, "Hells kitchen"

  • Audition: April 2019

  • Shoot Dates/Location: TBD

  • Union: Non-Union

  • Pay: Pays $100 to $150 a day with meals

  • Audition Information


For more OnScreen opportunities, visit Backstage.com; ActorsAccess.com; or Playbill.com. 



Junior Video Editor

The Hispanic Information and Telecommunications Network (HITN), established in 1981, is the leading Spanish-language non-commercial, Media Company that offers educational and cultural programming to more than 44 million households across the United States. No other Hispanic focused organization combines the power of media and technology to empower Hispanics throughout the country.

  • Position Type: Part-Time

  • Eligibility: 3+ Years of experience in video editing and video encoding

  • Knowledge of Adobe Creative Suite primarily Premier, Media Encoder and Photoshop

  • Deep understanding of the VOD process and standards

  • Previous experience with project management platforms (Airtable, Frame.io, Cirkus, etc.)

  • Ability to multitask and work under pressurein a fast-paced environment

  • Able to work occasional late nights and weekends

  • Attentionto detail and accuracy is a must

  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills

  • Bi-lingual in Spanish and English (spoken and written)required

  • Bachelor’s Degree preferred

  • Application Information


Sesame Studios YouTube Channel

An All-New YouTube Destination for Kids, From the Makers of Sesame Street! Sesame Studios features the same educational goodness as Sesame Street, but completely different. We are looking for fresh creative talent to dazzle and delight preschoolers. 

  • Position Type: Flexible

  • Eligibility: Must be 18 years or older and be submitting original content

  • Application Information


Post Production Assistant

Busy, doc-style Brooklyn production house looking for a post-production assistant.

Duties include: receiving new footage, quality checks, labeling and organizing all new footage onto server, stringing out scripts for editors and light editing.

Primary duty is to log new footage, shot selection and labeling in Adobe Prelude and create Premiere projects and organize for edits.

  • Position Type: Full-time

  • Eligibility: Experience:

    • Adobe Premiere: 2 years (Required)

    Work authorization:

    • United States (Required)

  • Application Information



18th Street Arts Center

18th Street Arts Center values art making as an essential component of a vibrant, just, and healthy society. Its mission is “to provoke public dialogue through contemporary art making.” Founded in 1988, 18th Street Arts Center has fostered and supported the work of many of Los Angeles’ most engaging artists, and has built bridges to artist communities around the globe.

  • Deadline: Ongoing

  • Application Fee: Yes

  • When: Ongoing

  • Eligibility: The Visiting Artist Residency Program accepts applications from working, professional artists who demonstrate a deep commitment to their practices. The program is open to artists of all generations, nationalities, and disciplines. Applicants are required to cover studio rental costs themselves. Although we primarily support visual artists, 18th Street Arts Center will consider applications from performing artists, writers, and filmmakers as well.

  • Address: 1639 18th Street Santa Monica CA 90404

  • Contact: (310) 453-3711

  • Application Information



Other Resources 

NOTE: For more resources, visit our pages of Resources - Funding, Submissions, and more.

NYFA SOURCE - The New York Foundation for the Arts maintains the most comprehensive national directory of awards, services and publications for artists in the NYFA Source section of their website.

backHer- Women specific grants for all fields


WITHOUTABOX - Film/Video artists can check Withoutabox at: